edc uses football to offer an opportunity to experience sporting values and an immersive linguistic and cultural experience and in Spain.  The program aims to educate young people using one of the most effective vehicles around – sport – all in a country that enjoys both amateur football and the best professional league in the world, and all in Spanish, the world’s second most spoken language.

Football speaks Spanish and EDC puts it in reach.


edc is a total immersion language and culture program in the cradle of Castilian Spanish, Valladolid. Our program is rooted participation in top-notch sporting activities and surrounded a region steeped in culture and history. At EDC you learn through football in the heart of Spain.

The answer is simple, sport provides deep emotional experiences that are linked to the development habits and values better cultural understanding and language skills. In addition to training sessions with ex-professional footballers and current professional coaches, students will undertake a program of Spanish classes and take guided visits of Valladolid’s cultural landmarks. Students will also visit cultural heritage sites in medieval cities like Segovia, Ávila, and Salamanca and the in Spanish capital, Madrid.

edc has a cooperation agreement with Fundación Eusebio Sacristián (FES), a non-profit sports organization founded by the storied FC Barcelona midfielder. FES’s team of ex-professional footballers will handle the football training for all of our participants.